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Soil salinity management

Restoring soils, regenerating lands

AQUA4D® technology has a strong track record of solving soil salinity and regenerating lands, thanks to water-smart treatment which alters the behaviour of minerals in irrigation water. With salts leached below the root zone and no longer crystallizing on the surface, soil health is dramatically improved and plants can flourish to their full potential. Indeed, AQUA4D® is the only technology on the market for managing salinity while using less water in the process. We enable continued irrigation with saline water without requiring energy-intensive desalination processes, chemicals or water-intensive flushing.

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I always say as an irrigation specialist, it looks like a paradox: we desalinate soils while saving water. Usually for salt-saturated soils the recommendation is to flush with lots of water. We solve those saline problems using even less water in the process.George Melo, Senior Agronomist, Brazil

“We’ve seen an astonishing difference in our water penetration”

Richard Gemperle,
almond grower, USA

“We’re able to break the crystallization process that usually happens, and we’ve seen life coming back into the plants.”

Jeff Nunes,
Technical Manager

“What we’re seeing here with this technology is the possibility of growth, quality and health of our crops.”

Paulo Dantas,
Agricola Famosa, Brazil

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