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Fertilizer efficiency

Increased nutrient absorption

AQUA4D is supremely effective at dissolving minerals and fertilizers in irrigation water. Plants can then more effectively absorb what they need, resulting in healthier plants, less fertilizers being applied and a sustainable approach to agriculture. With less chemicals ending up in the water cycle and the soil, this drives our mission for resource efficiency and the regeneration of lands through more efficient water treatment.

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“The nutrients are more available with this system, thanks to better water distribution. The plants are less stressed and production is more regular.”Frédéric Bart, SwissRadies, Switzerland

“The nutrient uptake has been exponential, taking more of the fertilizer applied instead of it being leached through the soil.”

Jeff Nunes,
AQUA4D technical manager, California

“We saw a better assimilation of nutrients by the plant, alongside irrigation water savings”

Mohamed Ayari,
Zitouna, Tunisia

“This technology helps me apply the right fertigation and ensure uniformity”

Felipe Rojas,
rose grower, Chile

Precision Irrigation

Technology exchange: Water treatment system AQUA4D to improve nutrient uptake and soil structure

Most horticultural soilless systems in Almeria are designed as open systems and free drainage is due to cause accumulation of salts under the growing bags

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Precision Irrigation

“Growing more and better while using less water: a true paradigm shift” – an interview with Javier Meyer, AQUA4D

AQUA4D is a water smart technology to improve water efficiency.

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Precision Irrigation

Micro- and macrostructure changes of soil under AQUA4D® irrigation

With an increase of high-profile projects in various countries, the effects of AQUA4D® technology on irrigation water are being increasingly studied

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