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Clogging prevention

Effective elimination of the elements which clog up irrigation systems

AQUA4D® has both a preventive and curative influence on limescale and biofilm formation in irrigation networks. Due to the technology’s effect on water molecules and the minerals within, organic matter and limescale no longer adhere to surfaces and existing deposits are gradually eliminated. The result is free-flowing pipes and drippers, and longer-lasting and better performing water systems.

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“We formerly needed 6 people to work on the maintenance of the drippers. In the month following the installation, these 6 people could start working on something else instead.”Jacques Reussard, Morel Diffusion, France

“We tried AQUA4D and immediately had less clogging and better water distribution in our greenhouses”

Frédéric Bart,
SwissRadies, Switzerland

“We’ve seen a better distribution of water and therefore a better root system, all while reducing the watering time by 25%”

Jacques Reussard,
cyclamens grower, France

“You can see the plants are full of life: there’s been water savings, almost zero clogging, and more energy for the plant.”

Armando Malul,
mango grower, Brazil

Precision Irrigation

AQUA4D Solves Clogging and Saves Water in French Flower Greenhouse

Morel Diffusion is a cyclamen seed producer, known worldwide for its colourful varieties. Headquartered in Frejus, southeastern France, their site covers a greenhouse area of 3 ha and 5000 m2 dedicated to R&D

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Precision Irrigation

Landmark biofilm study in the Netherlands, results due 2019

Along with partner firms WaterQ, Cindro, and Biotamax, Aqua4D is participating in a landmark two-year study between KWR Watercycle Research Institute and Wageningen University.

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Precision Irrigation

Towards a chemical-free elimination of biofilm

Biofilm is defined as an “aggregate of bacteria that adheres to a surface

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