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Sustainable Solutions

Leveraging Cleantech to Regenerate Soils and Save Water

AQUA4D® addresses the most pressing problems facing American agriculture: water scarcity and land degradation. Our experienced team help growers tackle a wide range of water management problems. Soils stay moist for longer, while minerals and fertilizers in irrigation water are better hydrated and dissolved. Growers in 40+ countries achieve the seemingly paradoxical: better outputs with less inputs, while solving a range of persistent problems.

No More Clogging
No More CloggingDue to mineral dissolution, limescale or biofilm are eliminated, allowing for reliable irrigation uniformity.
Healthier Plants
Healthier PlantsThrough better water and nutrient uptake, plant health, quality, and productivity are sustainably improved.
Nutrient Uptake
Nutrient UptakeThrough better dissolution and hydration, nutrient uptake and root development are boosted.
Water Penetration
Water PenetrationThanks to the effect on water clusters, water can penetrate into the micropores and keep soil moist for longer.
Salinity Management
Salinity ManagementWith salts better dissolved, they are leached below the rhizosphere and out of harm’s way.
Soil Health
Soil HealthEfficient treatment helps us save America’s soils, one drop at a time.