Micro Irrigation

Precision Irrigation

Game-Changing Technology for Optimized Water Efficiency

For 20 years, AQUA4D® has been helping growers maximize their production with minimum possible resource use. Water penetrates better into soil micropores, nutrient uptake is improved, and salinity can be managed in a sustainable way. This is true Swiss efficiency: fusing nature with technology and empowering growers to get the most out of every drop.

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Our Technology

Customized Technology as a Service (TaaS) for Agriculture 4.0

Quantifying and adjusting is integral to maximizing the impacts of our technology: If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it. Our technical teams the latest monitoring and IoT tools to track on-field developments in real time, then suggest adaptations to increase efficiencies and achieve the best results.

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AQUA4D® F-A Pro 40M

Technical Specifications

  • Swiss Made,
    Swiss Quality
  • Very low power consumption (<10W)
  • IP65 protection
  • Up to 10 bars
    of pressure
  • Modular design, unlimited flow rate (21.6 m³ / TU)
  • Robust cabling and aluminium casing

Water Use Efficiency

Enabling average water savings of 20-30%.

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Soil Salinity Management

Restoring soils, regenerating lands.

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Saline Water Irrigation

Enabling continued use of high-EC water.

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Clogging Prevention

Preventing and eliminating limescale and biofilm.

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Fertilizer Efficiency

Boosting nutrient absorption and uptake.

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Increasing Productivity

Boosting plant health, yields, and profits.

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Sample installation

1. Basin
2. Pump
3. Filters
4. Fertilizers
5. AQUA4D®
6. Greenhouse
7. Open field

“In the context of modern, organic and sustainable agriculture, we recommend AQUA4D because it is considered a valuable, safe, practical and economical technology.”

Prof. Mohamed Hachicha,

“We see how water and salt issues are inextricably related… our technology increases the capacity of water to transport salts in ionic form, meaning the water does not lose the salts into the soil, but rather moves salts below the root area.”

Walter K. Thut,
Co-Founder AQUA4D, Switzerland