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Advanced Water Treatment:
Maximizing Your Outputs
With Minimal Inputs.

AQUA4D® Precision Irrigation is saving America’s soils while ensuring game-changing efficiency in water, fertilizer and energy use. Find out how below.

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Sustainable Solutions

Leveraging Cleantech to Regenerate Soils and Save Water

AQUA4D® addresses the most pressing problems facing American agriculture: water scarcity and land degradation. Our experienced team help growers tackle a wide range of water management problems. Soils stay moist for longer, while minerals and fertilizers in irrigation water are better hydrated and dissolved. Growers in 40+ countries achieve the seemingly paradoxical: better outputs with less inputs, while solving a range of persistent problems.

No More Clogging
No More CloggingDue to mineral dissolution, limescale or biofilm are eliminated, allowing for reliable irrigation uniformity.
Healthier Plants
Healthier PlantsThrough better water and nutrient uptake, plant health, quality, and productivity are sustainably improved.
Nutrient Uptake
Nutrient UptakeThrough better dissolution and hydration, nutrient uptake and root development are boosted.
Water Penetration
Water PenetrationThanks to the effect on water clusters, water can penetrate into the micropores and keep soil moist for longer.
Salinity Management
Salinity ManagementWith salts better dissolved, they are leached below the rhizosphere and out of harm’s way.
Soil Health
Soil HealthEfficient treatment helps us save America’s soils, one drop at a time.

“Once we crunched the numbers, water usage was 40% less, crops out 20% quicker, and less fertilizer. The whole thing that you ‘make water wetter’, it’s true.”

Michael Roe,
Windmill Nursery, LA

“We’ve seen an astonishing difference in our water penetration – there are completely different dynamics going on out there.”

Richard Gemperle,
Gemperle Farms, CA

“The biggest problem we have today is with water resources. AQUA4D makes the water-soil-plant interaction into an efficient system, enabling irrigation water savings of between 20% and sometimes even 50%.”

Enrique Rebaza,
Chief Agronomist


Can I use AQUA4D® for any type of cultivation?

Yes, the efficacy of AQUA4D® has been proven in open fields, greenhouses, hydroponic growing, and more.

How is AQUA4D® installed?

With our new ready-made product line, AQUA4D® is essentially plug-and-play and needs simply to be installed onto existing irrigation setups. Our technical team provide detailed information and are always on call for any questions you may have.

Can I continue using the same water source with AQUA4D® ?

Yes, due to the innovative water treatment the same water can be used for irrigation – even if it is brackish or saline.

For what flow rates is AQUA4D® appropriate?

Due to our modular approach, all flow rates can be catered to: 21.6 m³ per TU for micro irrigation, with up to 332m3/h (1902 US gpm) for our new H-A Max line.

What are the benefits of AQUA4D® Precision Irrigation?

The benefits depend on each individual project but typically include improved water penetration into the ground or substrate, improved salinity management, improved fertilizer efficiency, improved nutrient uptake, and resolution of blockages or clogging. The various benefits can also lead to increased productivity and saved resources, reduced energy use due to less pumping, and reduced maintenance requirements due to better overall functioning of water infrastructure.

How long do the AQUA4D® effects remain?

As AQUA4D® treatment permanently changes the structure of water, the effects are enduring and are also maintained along several kilometers of piping.

How will AQUA4D® Precision Irrigation affect my irrigation management?

Due to the changes brought about by AQUA4D®, the best results are observed when monitored and adjusted accordingly. This includes adjusting aspects such as irrigation frequency & volume, fertilizer management, according to the advice and observations of field managers and the AQUA4D® support team.

How is the efficiency of AQUA4D® measured?

Depending on the project, the effects of AQUA4D® can be effectively measured by a range of monitoring techniques including probes, tensiometers, drone imaging, plant stress measurement, foliar analysis and Scholander pump. With such monitoring, the behavioral changes of the water and salts in the soils can be easily measured and seen, as well as the positive impacts on plant health.